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GMT Beauty

GMT Beauty BEAUTY BALL, 300 g

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A slimming algae mask with purifying, lipolytic and draining effects, used in weight loss and anti-cellulite treatments.

Algae is rich in minerals, trace elements, amino acids and vitamins. These biologically active substances cross the epidermal barrier and enter the subcutaneous layer. The mask strengthens the protective properties of the skin and tones it.

The slimming mask has detoxifying, metabolism-stimulating and moisturising properties. Red seaweed is enriched with high levels of Mg and Ca, which effectively remineralise the skin.

The enriched composition of the seaweed mask is rich in mineral complex, iodine, alginates and antioxidants. Green tea extract is characterised by improving blood circulation, eliminating fluid and stimulating fat metabolism. The algae-green tea complex is effective in eliminating cellulite, detoxifying and boosting metabolism.

Active ingredients.


Lithothamnium Calcareum Powder, Laminaria Digitata Powder, Fucus Vesiculosus Powder, Camelia Sinensis Extract


Reikalingą dumblių miltelių kiekį (~100 g) sumaišyti su šiltu vandeniu (300 ml). Maišyti kol gausite vientisą masę. Tepti ant švarios odos problemiškose kūno vietose. Procedūra trunka 30 minučių. Po procedūros kaukė nuplaunama vandeniu (po dušu).

GMT Beauty BEAUTY BALL, 300 g