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GMT Beauty

GMT Beauty PRIVATE CUP with pearls and gold, 200 g

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Alginate mask with gold and pearls for the face, neck, chest and décolleté for a deep regenerating effect. The mask slows down the ageing process, removes traces of fatigue, moisturises and restores mineral balance.

A luxurious mask with a strong enriched formula with anti-ageing effect. The mask models and shapes, firms, tones, eliminates wrinkles and restores the facial oval. The algae in the mask moisturises, softens and nourishes the skin. Restores the skin's protective layer. The mask contains 100% natural pearl powder. The unique composition of the powder - calcium salt (aragonite) - regulates the protective properties and health of the skin. Pearl proteins (conicholin) provide natural UV protection for the skin, regulate the skin's philological pH, activate regeneration functions and normalise metabolic processes in skin cells.

Gold particles act as an antioxidant and also influence the skin's regenerative processes, slowing down skin ageing. Enhances the lifting effect, evens out the complexion, improves skin cell respiration and metabolic processes.

Gold and pearl extract gives the skin a youthful glow.

Active ingredients: Diatomaceous Earth, Mica, Blue (Spirulina), Brown (Laminaria), Green (Ulva) Algae, Pearls, Gold.


Solum Diatomeae, Calcium Sulfate Hydrate, Mica, Tetrasodium, Pyrophosphate, Conchiolin Powder, Magnesium Oxide, Algin, Xanthan Gum, Parfum, Iron Oxide Hydrated Silica


Sumaišykite reikalingą kaukės kiekį (30-100 g) su kambario temperatūros vandeniu (90-300 ml) ir intensyviai maišykite, kol gaunama tiršta masė. Iš karto uždėkite kaukę ant nuvalyto veido, kaklo, dekoltė ir krūtinės zonos. Palikite 15 minučių, tada lengvai nuimkite.

GMT Beauty PRIVATE CUP with pearls and gold, 200 g